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Love Always Wins


Spiritual Answers
with real and timely information for use during critical times

This website consists of articles and information
and free inspired prayers for all, beyond fear, past metaphysics,
     and simply into Divine Love.

Time as we know it is coming to an end - but only to shift into timelessness - a time of rebuilding peace, health and abundance upon earth awaits! The transition to that time will be difficult; but we are not alone, God and the Holy Angels desire to guide and protect us and our loved ones and even help us participate with them in facilitating this change

Have no fear - the dark is getting darker but the Light is getting Lighter, so have hope for the future because Love Always Wins!

Answers, Guidance and Protection for You and Your Family
Things Are Speeding Up - You are Living at This Time for a Reason

Time is speeding up world-wide. Everywhere the problems are escalating - poverty, war, disease, storms, earthquakes, famine, etc. Will it ever change? God wants each one of us to be the mystic - to hear him clearly for ourselves and to discern what is of him and what is not. If we see the core essence of God as the personification of Divine Love, we should be able to hold all things up to that, for we are all children of love and sparks off the divine flame, and we will recognize the voice of love. This information is presented to you for just that - to help you to connect and remember who you are, who God is, and who one another is. Share the love!  

Who We Are: Two ordinary people given extra-ordinary gifts from God, Father Billy Clark and Tiffany Snow. One was called to become ordained to teach, cleanse and battle darkness - the other, to have a near-death experience by lightning strike, receive the Holy Stigmata (the five wounds of Christ) and do miracle healings. Their individual websites are www.TheFourthHealing.comand www.TiffanySnow.com. Combined they offer you rare insights into the mind of God - including why things are, how the world change will happen, how you can participate with that Angelic transformation, and how all of us can enrich our lives now and have hope for the future.

Answers, Guidance and Protection for You and Your Family

We are now living at the time of signs and wonders, shifting into light, and you are of that Light!

Would you like the power to change the world? How about an unlimited ability to help the environment, and to globally influence positive change in politics and religion? Have you thought about what you would do, or how to go about doing it?  Did you come up with realistic answers and strategies? Do you have the resources behind you to facilitate such an endeavor? You have these desires placed in your heart because you were created to change the world, and this book will share with you everything you need to know to access the tools and power needed to accomplish it. And it will show you that much of this can be fully accomplished without leaving your neighborhood, your home, or even your couch.

All can see the problems facing the world. We look around and see that things are not the way they are supposed to be in any country, whether they are considered affluent or not. We need to look no further than the news, or our own families, neighborhoods, communities and governments to see the escalation of darkness. And it touches and pains our heart, to the point that we don’t want to look anymore. Why do these things happen? We know that people should be kind to one another. We know that people should be more loving. We also know we would like to help those having struggles, but how? Closer to home, we seek to protect the ones we love, to make sure they know they are loved, to provide for them and see them happy and healthy. But even then, we worry, since the escalation of darkness hits so close to home.

We see the need for change. The desire to help is there, but what can we do? The problems are numerous and obvious while the solutions seem to escape us. Many feel helpless, hopeless and ignored, many feel slighted, marginalized and underprivileged. Many have turned to numbing the pain they feel or trying to ignore it, loath even to watch the news or read the paper because it hurts to see it. My dear loved ones, there is much you can do!
The information shared in this website is for all that are moved by the events of the world, those that feel the compassion to do something, those who feel called to action. We share the inspired tools that have waited until now to be shared with the world, to ease the suffering of all mankind in this period of time, including for each one of us and our families. And you are living at this time to participate in this change.

Things Are Speeding Up - You are Living at This Time for a Reason

You were made in the likeness of God. What does this mean? We know that it goes way beyond the physical body. God doesn’t have flesh, hands and legs. So what does it really mean to be made “in the image of God?” Simply put, we have the same spirit. We are each a spark off the Divine Flame, spirit created from Spirit. “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image…so God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them…and God blessed them…” (Genesis 1:26-28)

During the experience of sharing the Holy Stigmata, I learn many wonderful things, and after witnessing and then experiencing the redemption of mankind, entire books are displayed and opened to me. During this time, conversation with God and his Angels is allowed and much information is given. Besides receiving the information presented, I often get to ask questions. And I always learn so much more than what I originally ask for. During one of these times, my question was, “What is the role of the Guardian Angel?” The answer revealed how closely the Guardian Angel works with us, but also included something else. We humans were created to be co-creators with Love for manifesting positive change in our environment.

Being a co-creator is not just about having babies. It includes the ability to manifest things with our intention. This is how powerful we were created to be – and still are! God never takes away his gifts, we still have them. But because of bad choices by our original parents and other things along the way, we have now lost our purity of focus and have an imperfect connection.
Our heads can also become foggy because of outside manipulations by negative intention and thought. But through it all, this wonderful gift is still there. There are three pieces to it. (1). Our Negative Intentions (2). Our Own Good Intentions (3). Unlimited Divine Power with Our Own Good Intentions.

Here’s how it works with your negative intentions: let’s say you are driving down the road, and you see an oncoming car. If, for just an instant, the thought flickers through your mind that the other car would swerve into your lane and hit you, in that instant, that is exactly what would happen!  But the role of the Guardian Angel is this – the Angel uses his power to immediately prevent it from occurring. Yes, it may happen by another way, but it will not occur by that random negative flicker of thought that just went through your mind. This is how powerful we were made, and the safety feature that has been added so our random thoughts don’t create undue havoc. At this time, a person has to go further than just thinking about it to do bad things. With just this amount of information, do you see that if we have a tendency toward negative thoughts, how our Guardian Angel may spend much time just guarding us from ourselves!

Now, what happens to our own good and positive intentions? They are allowed to fly free! But, they are buoyed and supported by our own energy. That is why the more excited we are about something, the more likely it is to come to fruition. But it is also why it may not go as far as we would like it to, and why we may also feel exhausted and drained by it, because it is fully supported and fed by our own power. This is as far as many programs and ideas have gone with this, but it is no secret that this does not go far enough.

Now, there is a third piece. This is where we choose by free will to go beyond our own bubble of energy and connect to Unlimited Energy. Here is where our positive good intentions are combined with limitless power. Now instead of feeling drained by our intentions, we actually become a positive and necessary instrument in the mix, and also receive of the flow going through us. So instead of feeling exhausted by pouring out, we now feel exhilarated and powerful, because we are a channel of the flow pouring in and through. This is where everything happens, where everything transforms.
This is where great healing miracles occur, where polluted lakes are purified, all wars cease, and severe storms become gentle breezes. This is where we interact and connect with God and his Holy Angels, and all things are made new. All things!

Has this thought ever crossed your mind – “if I was God, I would change things.” Well, guess who wants you to do just that. All the good things you want, he wants too. The Big Guy wants you to remember who you are, how powerful you are and in what you are here for. He has given you his Spirit, and has equipped you with tools to participate in co-creating a new world. The world is not just escalating in fear and darkness, but in love and light too. We are now living in the great shift foretold that has been foretold for thousands of years in all cultures. It is a shift between light and darkness, and light wins! You are of that light! Need help in shining your light, conquering fear and pushing away the darkness? More help is here...continue reading!

Part of the information on this website is excerpted from
GOD’S WORKBOOK: Shifting into Light - How to Transform Your Life
& Global Events with Angelic Help
by Tiffany Snow and Father Billy Clark, and from the Classes "Becoming the Mystic - The Power to Transform All Things" 

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Love Always WinsChoosing a Vibrant LifeWhen Evil EndsParticipating with the Holy AngelsStigmata Prophecy - Armageddon & World PeaceThe Divine DecreesPrayers that Transform Everything1:Unification 2:Arrival 3:Transformation4: Protection 5:Forgiveness 6:Abundance 7: Purification 8:Awareness 9:Representation10:Salvation 11:Hierarchy 12:RainbowTiffany Snow & Billy ClarkMystic Classes, Books, eStoreSpiritual Articles, MP3sContact Newletter