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Choosing a Vibrant Life

First Comes Our Personal Shift
      Love or Fear?- There are Only Two Choices

Shifting into a Vibrant and Joyful Life
Do Not Give Your Power Away – Discerning What is Right for You
Who Do You See God as Being?
Physical Signs and Wonders are Increasing throughout the World

Is your life happy, are you living it to the fullest? Do you have emotional peace and calm? Do you wake up each morning anticipating the joy of the adventure of the day ahead? Do you feel secure about your future and the future of your loved ones? Can you actually feel Presence upon your life and the warmth of personal guidance? Do you have a sense of purpose? Are you attaining your biggest dreams? If you do not have these things, what is holding you back? Much more than you may consciously realize.

There are only two choices in life. Love or the opposite of love; and the opposite of love is not hate, but fear. Love always moves us forward, fear stagnates and freezes us. This is a simple yardstick to help us distinguish any place of stagnation in our lives and to make new choices. When we see what has been the true motivating factor behind our decisions, it gives us the power to change things and make it better. And something else takes place. When we consistently choose love over fear, an incredible transformation occurs around us, because light and darkness can’t be in the same place together. They simply cannot exist jointly as one, they are of two different natures. So a great shifting occurs in our lives, for the better.

With every choice that we make for love, we move ahead on our journey and become brighter. And if darkness tries to move toward light, it either has to transform into light to be near us, or move away even to exist. Nothing harmful is able to stay near us. Nothing. Think of it this way, when we bring a lit candle into a darkened room, look what happens to the room - the entire area transforms, and the area closest to the flame is the brightest. Now, do we have to be afraid that the darkness will overwhelm and put out the candle? No, it doesn’t matter how dark the room is, the darkness can never put out the candle. But, the candle can put itself out. In human terms, this happens when we buy into the ideas of unworthiness, separation and doubt, the ugliness that the darkness tries to convince us that we are.
But we are not of the darkness, we were created of light, and when we remember this our flame will never go out. It does not matter what darkness tries to imply or manipulate us into thinking. We were created of light and love. And when we remember our true nature it doesn’t even matter if we are accepted or rejected by others, because we remember who we are in the eyes of God. We are loved. TOP

Shifting into a Vibrant and Joyful Life

When we always choose love, it creates a great shift around us in our jobs, relationships, even in our personal health. As we have seen, everything has to be positive and loving to be near us, or it has to transform or move away. And since our physical health cannot move away from us, every time we make a choice motivated by love we make a choice for good health. Perhaps you have heard of spiritually adept people throughout the world who have exceptionally vibrant and healthy lives well into old age. This is why.

When we choose love, we actively choose our God-given birthright to how our lives are supposed to be. It is our true and full potential to embrace loving and long-term relationships, financial abundance, and effervescent physical health. With the expanded clarity that comes from advancing in love, we can also more easily identify further opportunities of light around us. This helps us make better decisions by recognizing the Divine interventions of love placed before us, choosing these, and then fully following through with them.

Now in regard to everything else, we must realize that the shifting that occurs around us can be initially difficult to witness. Yet, it is for our soul’s greater and highest good, and all those connected with us. When we discern this, it helps us trust and accept the changes taking place. Love is always the better way. That is why trust and bravery is essential to advance forward in love, for fear limits our ability to allow or follow through with changes. Many times people stay in situations that are not good for them simply because it is familiar. Trusting in love helps us actively step outside of our comfort zone onto new, higher ground. That new ground is where the new world awaits, with new opportunities; and like any explorer traveling to new lands, faith is needed to leave the old things behind.
“Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1) In that new world that we find ourselves in, we also find that we are a new person as well, a joyous and more connected and loving one. And we never find ourselves alone. Our relationships, jobs and everything else around us will be brighter and healthier for us too, for we actively discern the healthier opportunities placed before us. And as we continue to expand in light, we become more aware of living a joyous life fully guided by love, and the larger positive ripple effect our interactions have with others. We become aware of our spiritual need. We become aware of prayer. And we become aware that much of what we might have been taught doesn’t ring true with the essence of our spirit anymore. What then? TOP

Do Not Give Your Power Away – Discerning What is Right for You

This is your life, yet others desire to influence you on what you should or should not do. And the opinion of what you should do will differ from person to person; depending on what that person believes and wants you to believe as well. What will you do? Will you still choose love over fear? Or will you be fearful of others? Will you put your own flame out by giving your power away to others? Will you fall prey to doubt and turn aside from what your heart tells you, even to your own misfortune? Or can you step forward no matter what others may say, and make your own choices, and stick to it whether it’s a popular one or not. Really, how do you know what is right for you?

People, books, radio, TV – they can tell you anything and everything, and wish to make all your decisions for you; what to buy, what to wear, what to eat, how to connect with your mate, how to think. Will you live as a specter or a ghost in your own life, or will you actively think, speak and feel for yourself? When you remember who you are, a bright spark off the Divine Flame, a beloved child embraced by Love, your spirit will yearn to move ahead and the confidence in the gifts you were given will grow. Those gifts include your free will. And, that means you can hold up all the information and choices presented to you from any source and will be able to discern for yourself if it is of Love or not, if it is of God, if it is of Spirit. And the things that are of Love will resonant within you, and you will feel it.
And this will happen because you know it in your spirit, not because someone else told you so. This is how it is supposed to be. God wants each of us to be able to hear him clearly without distraction. He wants each of us to be the mystic, one who directly has experience with the Divine, and to live a purposeful life guided unswervingly by love. Being a truly enlightened person is not something you do, but something you choose to become, and are continually becoming. Love is beyond limits, unconditionally. In that place of unconditional love, you are beyond limits too. TOP

Who Do You See God as Being?

No matter what your religion, faith, culture or background, if you see God as a personification of Love, you will be able to hold all things up to that, and you will know if it is of God or not; and correspondingly, if it is for you or not. God was here before religion, and he will be here after it. An excellent spiritual connection is what Love desires for us, and the tradition or path a person takes to receive it varies on what the person can recognize at the time.

God is neither male nor female, but has maternal and nurturing qualities as a woman does, and the protective and supportive qualities that a man does. Most people refer to God as male, and as a father figure, and this is what Christ did as well. One question I asked of Love is what his name is. I was told that even if it was given me just as a series of numbers, by the time I got done saying it, it would be wrong! This is because God, just like love, continues to expand. So no matter if you call God: Heavenly Father, Almighty Lord, Divine Love, The Big Guy, Alpha & Omega, etc, it is not going to encompass all that he is, but because of the bubble of free will, the important thing is just to call him! God knows what his full and true name is, and all that it stands for. And much of what he stands for has been openly shared with mankind since the beginning of time. He stands for Love.

This may seem a difficult answer for many. Many have been taught that God is similar to a strict high school principal, or a prison warden. Many are taught we have to earn love, to be perfect and never make mistakes or there will be real fiery consequences.
These are all manipulations and scare tactics that have been handed down by men, traditions of fear to control mankind, and do not reflect the real nature or characteristics of God.  Much truth about God’s love can be found in the Bible, but much twisting of the beauty of it continues to occur by those seeking to influence and control by fear for their own gain.

For example, let’s take the basic teaching about hellfire, and we will look at it through analytical eyes first. If you knew Greek, Hebrew and ancient history you would understand there are three words translated as “hell” in the scriptures. “Haides” and “sheohl” simply translate as “pit” or “grave.” “Gehenna” is translated “Valley of Hinnom,” which was a garbage dump kept perpetually burning outside the walls of Jerusalem, and was especially noticed when the wind changed and blew noxious odor and smoke over the city. It truly was a place “where the maggot does not die and the fire does not go out.” (Mark 9:48) Christ and his apostles used this dump to illustrate a point about being kind to one another.

At that time, if you died and no one loved you enough to claim the body, either because you were a criminal or a hateful person, the city authorities threw your body out to be burned with the trash. No one alive was ever thrown in. Of course, this demise was not wished on anyone, especially since any respectful funeral or memorial arrangements didn’t happen. This illustrated the point very well for the people of that time, so it was used for those particular people at that particular time to help them understand love better. Simply put, it was an encouragement to be loving toward one another, so when you die you will be mourned and properly buried instead of thrown out with the trash.

The Bible abounds with literal and symbolic language, and if something is read and interpreted as God not being loving or kind, just reasoning it through with common sense and holding it up to your essence of love will give you the right answer. Now let’s look again at the concept of God placing bad people in a fiery hell to burn forever. If God is love, does it make sense that if a person is bad for all his life, let’s say 70 years, that the right thing to do is torture him for all eternity? Do we as loving parents take the hand of an unruly child and place it on a hot stove burner to teach him a lesson? No!
Also, if there is a fiery hell where people are sent for demons to burn and torture, doesn’t that mean that God and the devil are in league together, and that God created the devil to work for him? If that is true, there is no difference at all between good and evil, and light and dark, and nothing really matters at all.

But, none of that makes sense, does it? It doesn’t make sense to God either. In fact, in Biblical days there was a pagan ritual of sacrificing children to false gods by burning them to death in fire, and God shows his repugnance for that by saying: “The people of Judah have done evil in my eyes…they have built the high places of Topheth…to burn their sons and daughters in the fire – something I did not command, nor did it come up into my heart.” (Jeremiah 7:30, 31) It is not in the heart of a loving God to do such a thing, it is unreasonable. And this is why we don’t have to be trained scholars or considered wise in the ways of the world and figure out all the arguments and translations of ancient words to know the heart of God. The truth of his love is written in our hearts. He is a God of Love. May the arguments about God being anything but love be laid to rest. “I praise you Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.” (Matthew 11:25) TOP

Physical Signs and Wonders are Increasing throughout the World

Just as parables and illustrations have always been part of teaching about love, God has always used physical signs and wonders to show that he not only exists, but that he cares for us and wants to participate in our lives. Miracle healing, true prophecy, Holy Stigmata, words of knowledge, intuitive gifts, visions, dreams – all and more are opportunities for us to see and know that we are not alone, never have been, and never will be.

Whether it is something we witness, or something we have participated in, the bottom line is the outcome. The “proof is in the pudding,” as they say. In other words, God will verify what is of him and what is not, and he will back it up in more than one way. Why does he do this? Because he knows it is difficult for us because he is invisible, as is the spiritual world around us of Angels and loved ones.
The wind is also invisible, but we can see the leaves move on the trees so we know the wind is there, because we see and experience the physical results with our analytical brain. Our 10% of the brain acts as a bridge or barrier to receiving spiritual information. So the more experience we have had with spiritual events, the more we readily receive and understand it, and can better utilize it. “Taste and See that God is Good…” (Psalm 34:8)

This is why gifts always come together, and why we each have more than one of them, and why you will be able to verify what is true and what is not with all things around you. The same applies to what we are sharing with you in this book. We invite you to experience the leaves moving on the trees in your own life. The information here has come through the sharing of Holy Stigmata through Blessed Tiffany, who God has also given the gift of miracle healing. But even with this, if you have not seen the spontaneous opening of her wounds of Christ, or experienced a healing at her hands, how would you know if it is true or not? You don’t. But you can test it out. Hold all the things we are sharing with you up to Love and see if your essence rings true with it. Also use the validation of personal evidence, empirical experience, by seeing if the information makes positive changes and differences in your life that you can experience, see and feel for yourself.

It is because of the strength of empirical, first-hand experiences why more people will be gifted with more miracles. This is part of the speeding up of things in the world, for as the darkness gets darker, all light, including yours, is encouraged to get brighter and brighter. But why is there darkness to begin with? If God is a God of love, and so powerful, why does it continue? If Love made all things, where did darkness come from? Truly, why is there evil in the world, and what is being done about it?



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