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When Evil Ends

Love Beyond Limits, Unconditionally
      Why the Dark is Getting Darker & the Light Brighter.

The Bubble of Free Will
Angels Have Free Will Too
Why there is Darkness on the Earth
The Original Issues – Is Love the Best Way?
What Has the Evidence Shown?
Case Closed - Love Wins!
Our Participation with the Holy Angels
What Happens to the Darkness?
What if the unHoly Angels Don’t Change?
More About Angels – Who Are They?

Why is there darkness in the world, and what is being done about it? Why is there an escalation of it right now? If God is love and all powerful, why doesn’t he simply rid the earth of any problems? Why has it gone on for so long? Will it ever stop? Yes, these are all good questions. And all the answers are here for you. This is a sacred time in history - the time that darkness disappears forever! What does this mean, and how does it happen?

The Bubble of Free Will

Love created mankind with free will. It is like a strong bubble around us where we can choose to do our own thing, and also where we experience the ripple effect of our choices. This is why we can have an addiction such as smoking, and though it’s not good for us, the cigarettes do not fly out of our hands. Love would not do that since it would be a manipulation of free will. In fact, God loves us even in the midst of our imperfections. So would he love us more if we didn’t have addictions? No. But he is happy for us when we make the better choices not to, because of the harmful cause-and-effect they have on our bodies and lives. God created free will, and this is how much he respects the gift he gave us; he will not interfere to change things unless we ask him to.

The love of God will not cross the line and break into our free will. He does not coerce or manipulate. But when we ask for help, as through the intention and connection of prayer, we are making a free will choice to go beyond our own energy and our limited wisdom to receive more than we have on our own. This is where we can also receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing, protection, guidance, and much, much more. But we have to ask for it, we have to actually make the choice to go beyond our bubble to where that transformation occurs. But damage can happen to this bubble, and although God will not manipulate it, other things can. How does this happen?
To understand this, think of this strong bubble of free will also as a suit of full-body armor. We go into battle everyday. Perhaps we sustain some damage. Any place of dents or scratches is noticed and pinpointed by the enemy, who then focuses all attacks there until a gapping hole appears where the damage had been. Now we are unprotected where these holes are, and we can be badly injured there, which might take us out of battle or even worse, which is what the enemy was hoping for in the first place.

These holes can occur to our free will by two ways. Holes can be punched through from the outside through damage from physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. From the inside we can also damage ourselves through unforgiveness of ourselves or others, by addictions, by doing things we know we shouldn’t do but doing them anyway (willful sin), and places where we may be weakened through grief, high anxiety, fear, hatred, anger and other negative emotions.  As we have seen, when we have a weakness in the armor we are attacked there; it is like putting blood in the water for sharks. And these sharks of darkness attack the same three things they have for thousands of years – physical health, family/relationships, and finances. This darkness wants us to feel isolated, alone, separate from God, from our true selves, and from one another. To make us feel we are not loved or lovable. To make us forget who we are.

It is like a negative voice sitting upon your shoulder constantly speaking into your ear: “You will never be happy. You will always be alone. You will never have good health. You will never have what you need. No one really cares about you. Etc, etc.” This voice is not from you. That is why when we hear these things, it causes such a strong trauma inside our heart, because we know that is not the way it should be. We know in our spirit that we can be joyful and happy, vibrant and healthy, to have abundance in all things, to have long-term loving relationships, because that is how it is supposed to be. It is our God-given gift of how we were created to live! This negative voice that you hear is not God. If it is not you and it is not Source, who is it? This darkness is the voice of unHoly Angels who have come through the holes in your free will to manipulate you.
These unHoly Angels know that their darkness cannot put out your flame. But the flame can put itself out, by buying into their tauntings of unworthiness and doubt. So they try to make their voice seem like your own, to make you forget the light you are and the power you have and the Love you were created in and for. Is there anything we can do to heal the holes they have created? Yes, you now have the Deliverance prayer to heal the holes. This is only one of the wonderful tools you will find in this book, along with many other inspired and Divine words to heal, protect and transform. But your awareness was necessary first. And your continuing awareness of shifting into light will help you transform many places of injury in your life and the lives around you. But why, you may ask, would anyone do this? Who are the unHoly Angels? And what about the other Angels, where are they in all this? TOP

Angels Have Free Will Too

The very first things that God made were the Angels, and they were given free will as well as mankind. Love does not want mindless robots operating around him; he wants those around him who choose to be there only because they want to be there. All Angels, Spirit Beings and humans were created with free will. In the design of things, mankind is made “a little lower than the Angels.” (Hebrews 2:7) Angels are not just a religious thing, though pictures of Angels are shown in many religions. God is not a religious thing either, although God is worshipped in many religions. All that we are sharing goes beyond any borders or limits placed by mankind’s current interpretation.

All Angels were created Holy and perfect. But some of these Angels chose to separate from God and become unplugged, unwilling and unable to hear God anymore or expand in love. Now there were two camps of Angels, and the brotherhood was divided between Holy Angels and unHoly Angels. Why does this matter to mankind?

When mankind was first placed upon the earth, we were beautiful new sparks, and our Father had placed all kinds of kindling wood around these flames, there were many opportunities to help us expand and brighten.
We were created of and for the earth, as caretakers of this earth garden, and the plants and animals upon it. We were created in the image of God to co-create, manifest and design many beautiful and extraordinary things. And that was just the beginning, the expansion of mankind would start here, and God would guide us perfectly into more and more of his universe of love. We would continue to polish all the multiple facets of love, in timelessness and full physical health. We were created without imperfections, and would continue to live through timelessness, without any degeneration, disease or death. We could perfectly see, learn from and converse with God and his Holy Angels at any time. So what happened? TOP

Why there is Darkness on the Earth

Whenever anything is new, it is at its most vulnerable. It was at this time that an Angelic son of God misused free will and chose to rebel, and thus made himself an unHoly Angel. He unplugged himself from God and the responsibilities he was created for, and from the brotherhood of other Holy Angels. He manipulated the situation upon earth to his own benefit, and like a bully picking on the new kids in the neighborhood, enticed mankind’s first parents into making bad decisions. But his motives went further than that – in his desire to create separation, confusion and destruction of all good things that Love had created, he even brought up questions about God himself, and that Love was not the best way to do things. And with God being the amazing personification of love, this brought up the issue of God’s right to rule, not just mankind, but the entire cosmos as well.  TOP

The Original Issues – Is Love the Best Way?

Three questions were raised: (1). Mankind can rule himself successfully without God. (Genesis 3:1-5) (2). Mankind only comes to God for what he can get out of God. (Job 2:1-10) (3). If threatened to his very life, man will always turn from his integrity and curse God. (Job 2:1-10)

With this development, why didn’t God just ignore the questions raised, quash the Angelic rebellion, and end the lives of our original parents and start over again?
Because these questions were brought up in front of all the Angels and Spirit Beings, and the consequences of the misuse of free will needed to be clearly seen. This was misuse because it also included manipulation of truth and the withholding of facts. In his patience and confidence, Love allowed the question to stand, and since the question was raised on earth and included mankind, it needed to be settled on earth with mankind. So God basically said, ‘I know love is the best way, and I’ve got faith that even these very new children will recognize that.’ Is God’s way, love, the best way? After all, it seemed to be working well in the rest of the cosmos. But now the question was raised, and it needed an answer that would stand as a basis for all eternity.

Why was this a misuse of free will? The misuse of free will is similar to this: we trust our kids to be nice to one another and not hurt themselves, others or personal property. The misuse of free will is when they usurp the free will of others causing damage to themselves, others and their surroundings. As another example, the proper use of free will is to be able to choose from 31 flavors of ice cream, not to pull out a gun and kill the ice cream man. There is a big difference. The unHoly Angels misused their free will when they started manipulating the free will of others.

So now a question was raised that needed answers. Similar to a court case, time had to go by for the evidence to present itself. This question would take thousands of years and many generations of mankind “doing his own thing” to answer. Now, the evidence speaks for itself. We are peering into a celestial courtroom, where the attorney is compiling the mound of evidence. The final conclusion will stand forever, will not be brought up as a challenge ever again, and will never be changed throughout all time, in any part of the galaxies.  TOP

What Has the Evidence Shown?

Question (1). Mankind can rule himself successfully without God. How have our governments been doing? Through all the many methods, ways and thousands of years, you would think mankind would almost have it perfect by now. Is that the case? No, it has only gotten worse.
There is no government on earth that has been successful for all the people under it. Even on an individual basis, most see it is difficult to figure things out on their own, and do not have the fully happy, abundant, healthy lives they desire. Case closed.

Question (2). Mankind only comes to God for what he can get out of God.
People seek God whether they receive miracles or not, and whether they receive gifts or not. They seek him even if they have not had accurate information about who God truly is, they still seek him. No matter what time or culture, the desire to look for higher direction has been there, and so has the desire to worship. Worship is about giving, about praising, about talking to him, singing, and lifting up the heart. This is who we are at our core, we need to do this, it is part of our joy, and can be seen throughout time in all civilizations. Case closed.

Question (3). If threatened to his very life, man will always turn from his integrity and curse God. Man has been tested to the death over and over again, and many have been successful to trust love instead of succumb to fear. Whether it was being thrown into the lion’s den in ancient times, or a gas chamber or gun held to the head today, millions have chosen to lose the body rather than their integrity to God. Case closed.

Another example about this, a simple yet profound truth is what happens when we are about to get into an accident, often the thought “Help me God!” will go through our heads. This is testimony as well that when threatened, often mankind turns to God and not away from God. This is in direct contrast to our original parents, which shows that the original pair where not created with faulty judgment, but chose it on their own. In addition, mankind not only seeks out God but also looks to do Love’s will, even when there is great hostility upon him if he does so. Even when standing in the face of great adversity, mankind often demonstrates their choice of love, the choice of God.

Look at the love that mankind is stimulated to when a disaster hits. Many think it is a natural inclination for people to only think of themselves. But what do you see instead?
A great outpouring of energy, love and support occurs, whether it is a complete stranger or not, people give whatever they can, with many even risking their own lives to help another. This is the goodness of humanity in full force, that place of recognizing “love thy neighbor as thyself.” And no one forced them to do it, for it is written on their hearts, by the spirit of Love. TOP

Case Closed - Love Wins!

Why do we say “case closed?” Because just like there is an end to a court case when the evidence is compiled and the verdict reached, so it is now! We are living in the blink of time between the conclusion being reached and it being pronounced. It is as if the foreman of the jury has been handed the folded piece of paper, he is unfolding it, and about to pronounce it to all. Knowing that all three issues are closed is one of the many blessings of information that has come through Holy Stigmata. We knew two of the original issues had been settled for a while, but the last one just finished in 2006. What does this mean? It means exactly what we are seeing around us – things are speeding up. A great shift, a great transition is now upon us, to take us back to the original plan for mankind and the earth. God’s first plan has never changed; we just had a little bump in the road, and the Divine plan for the earth and mankind will come to be.“…my word that goes out from my mouth; it will not return to be empty, but will achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Is. 55:11)

Is it easier to understand now why there is darkness upon the earth? Can you see now that it is not just about humankind, but there is something bigger happening here, something much greater? Those Angels that have chosen to be true to Love, 2/3 of all of the Angels created are helping God’s Will to come to fruition. Those Angels that have chosen to separate from Love, 1/3 of all the Angels created are looking to oppose God and God’s Will, and have made themselves unHoly Angels. These are seeking to cause as much destruction and damage as they can to God and what he loves, which includes earth and mankind.

The unHoly Angels know the case is closed and that they lost.
Like a criminal bent on murder and ruin, they are destroying everything they can as quickly as possible before they are placed where they can do no harm. So especially at this time they seek any holes in the bubble of free will to puppet as many people as possible. They manipulate them to make bad choices, and exploit them like pawns in a chess game to hurt one another and the environment. And as long as people are not informed about their power to use their free will to heal their armor and call in God and the Holy Angels, the unHoly Angels are getting away with it. Or so they think - because in the bigger picture, they are not. This is because even if not a single human remembers who he is and participates with God in transforming the world, the change will still happen, and the Holy Angels will do the cleansing through God’s free will alone.

This time of our human participation with the Holy Angels is another example of God’s love, in that he is still allowing the unHoly Angels - who were once in his Presence and once Holy too - to learn and see how love benefits all. Even now it is not too late for any of them who have rebelled to turn from their ways and come back home. Then they would be welcomed again into the Angelic brotherhood, and be plugged back into the connection of God’s love. TOP

Our Participation with the Holy Angels

Light and darkness cannot exist in the same place together, and the unHoly Angels cannot interact with their Holy brothers of Light any longer. And since we have seen this question had to be solved in our world, the darkness is now limited to the jurisdiction of where the case was presented, the earth.

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down - that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him…Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who reside in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows his time is short.” (Revelation 12:7-9, 12)

The unHoly Angels know that the time is short, and the marketing and advertising program of brainwashing people against the belief that a personal God exists, let alone loves and cares about us, is fully underway. This lie is one of the reasons that Love allows supernatural events (such as miracle healing), and signs and wonders to occur - it is a supreme Holy marketing program of Love’s own making, and also acts as a direct lifeline to his children. It also underlines that we have the powerful free will ability to end any manipulation against us, our family, and even the world we live in. It also underlines why we can send forgiveness and love back to any people or situations where people have harmed us, because we know it wasn’t really them. This knowledge alone can bring great comfort and peace to us, knowing that people behave the way they do from unconscious brainwashing and influence of negative forces, by manipulation. It is not in mankind’s true nature to harm another.

For example, during a time of sharing during the Holy Stigmata, Blessed Tiffany witnessed that when Christ was looking down from the cross, he saw one of those who had tortured him. The man was sneering, and had a wretched, evil look upon his face. Then Christ spoke the words, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) Immediately, a dark shadow moved out of the person; and a face of childlike innocence replaced the one of evil. This really drives home the point. This is why we can forgive even the worst terrorist or murderer, and all those who have ever harmed us or threatened to harm us. Because it is not them, they are being manipulated like a puppet. It is not the true nature of the spirit of mankind to do such things; he is not capable of it on his own unless darkness enters in.TOP

What Happens to the Darkness?

How deep is God’s love? Remember that he asks us to love and forgive any who have harmed us. Would God ask us to do anything that he himself is not willing to do? No! This is why God wants even the unHoly Angels to come back to him, to turn from their dark ways and join again the brotherhood with his other Holy sons.
In that same blink of time that we are living in, the unHoly Angels are asked to put an end to the manipulation they create upon mankind and the earth, and the manipulation that they create for one another as well. Since they cut themselves off from love, a gang-mentality reigns among them, so they war against and manipulate one another too. But God longs to have all of creation in unity under Love and in peace. And that includes all the Angels, even those who have once caused trouble.

The parable in Luke 15:11-31 of the lost prodigal son demonstrates profound love and mercy. It tells of a younger brother who leaves his father’s house, squanders his inheritance, and finally comes back repentant and half-starved. Upon seeing his young son coming down the road to him, the father prepares a feast, and welcomes the lost son with jewelry and takes care of all his needs. In this illustration, the older brother who stayed all the years at home to help his father, becomes upset at all the kindness bestowed upon his younger brother, and doesn’t understand how his father could forgive so easily and welcome back such a wayward soul. This is what the father answered his older son: “‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’”

Though the lost son made bad choices, we can see the excitement of the father when this son returns. Now can you imagine the joy when a fallen unHoly Angel returns to God? God is the one who is fit to judge, no other. God is the one who will correct and guide. We are all Love’s creation, man and Angel alike, and Love is in charge, and rules out of all the facets of love, including compassion, mercy and forgiveness. TOP

What if the unHoly Angels Don’t Change?

All along the way, the unHoly Angels have known and seen the consequences for bad behavior. They have been warned to not cross certain lines. And all along there have been unHoly Angels who just don’t care about any lines, and don’t really think any consequences will come from their behavior. Because of this attitude of audacity, many have been removed from the scene all throughout time, since even though they were warned, they just didn’t care.
You can see that Love has always truly been in charge. If God had not set parameters and restrictions upon what the unHoly Angels could do to mankind and the earth, we would all be dead today and the earth already destroyed. That fear is also a manipulation the unHoly Angels still place in the minds of mankind; that life is uncertain, and that at any instant all of us could be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, everything going up in a mushroom cloud of smoke, the earth will flood from melting ice caps, the poles will shift, ozone layer depletion, chemical warfare, global infertility, genocide, worldwide plague, etc. But there is no need to worry, again, God is in charge. So where there would be a demonic “death wound” only a bruising occurs. The original purpose of joy for mankind and the earth will still happen.

It is because of Divine intervention that we still survive. The unHoly Angels who have crossed the line, and do not heed the warnings, have their Holy brothers to contend with. God sends his True Sons to take these fallen ones out of commission. God sends the Holy Angels by his own request, and he sends them in request to human prayer as well. The unHoly Angels do not go willingly, and the Angels that Love calls to do this work have the rank and responsibility of Warrior Angels. The unHoly Angels are placed in a confinement where they can do no harm to themselves or others; it is like a large sheet of glass that they can see out of, but cannot move. They have no further interaction with other unHoly Angels, the line of communication is completely broken; and they have no power to manipulate anyone or anything, or to be manipulated by each other. From this immobile position, they can clearly continue to see the outworking of God’s love upon mankind and the earth. They are not tortured. A God of love would not do that. And even in this state, we are still in the period of time that all they have to do is say the word, and God will welcome them back.

But when all is said and done, there is a time when all decisions are final, and since Love wins the war, there is no place for anything not of Love. Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. So there comes a moment when the energy that the unHoly Angels were given in wave form is now turned into particle, and they will then simply become a part of the ground the earth is made of. TOP

More About Angels – Who Are They?

Angels are some of the most beloved creatures the universe has ever known. Both the Greek words ag’ge-los and Hebrew mal-akh’ actually mean “messenger” or “spirit messenger” and occur in the scriptures nearly 400 times. Angels were individually created by the will of the Most High; they are not people who were once alive. They were created before mankind ever came on the scene, and have their own responsibilities. Angels travel at tremendous speed, past anything we could compare to on earth. They are superhuman in power, and have more intelligence than we do.

All Angels have individual and group duties, responsibilities and rank. Their appearance is iridescent, like shimmering light, and in the core of their spirit are different multifaceted colors sparkling and flickering, like rotating gemstones. These correspond to the responsibilities each was created for, and the gifts they have. Some specialize in healing, others in protection, communication, environment, death (the “homing” Angels, taking us home) and much more. How many Angels are there? There are thousands of references to them in the scriptures. This is what the prophet Daniel saw around God: “thousands upon thousands attended him, ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.” (Daniel 7:10) And those are just the Angels to attend to and praise God! In the garden of Gethsemane, Christ could have cried out to his Father for 12 legions of Angels to protect him, if he had wanted to. Just one “legion” corresponded to the largest unit of the Roman army, consisting of 3,000 - 6,000 soldiers. One Angel is known to have killed 185,000 people all by himself. (2 Kings 19:35, Isaiah 37:36). They are very, very powerful.

Angels each have their own name and personalities too. Only two Angel names are given in the Bible, Michael and Gabriel; since Angels are dispatched by God, in his name, and not their own. There are several references about people in the scriptures asking Angels for their names, or wanting to worship them; but they were told by the Angels, “Be careful! Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God!” (Rev. 19:10)

If you are not sure if you are in the presence of a Holy Angel or an unHoly one, asking this one question will solve it: “Do you love Jesus now?” Any unHoly Angels will either disappear, try not to answer the question, or say unflattering and dark things. They know the power of the name. You will see why that is important in the next chapter, no matter what religion you are. “If you make the Most High your dwelling - then no harm will befall you…for he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” (Psalm 91)

Angels are sexless; they don’t marry or procreate. But, they are generally referred to in the scriptures as males, although in most paintings they are represented as females. Their wings are not actually feathers. They are likened more precisely to radiant beams of shimmering light. They have control over this light to be in any shape they desire, including wings. They can be very huge – I’ve seen one almost 40 feet tall, standing head and shoulders over a house that had just been spiritually cleansed. They can also be very, very tiny, and may be where the idea of fairies came from in some cultures. There is no limit on the variety of spiritual beings that God has made. Most of the time Angels are invisible, but sometimes they are a mist, bright light, or look like shimmering heat waves or high vibrating energy. At rare times (only) Holy Angels are even allowed to manifest in human form. Remember what Einstein said? “Matter is just slowed down energy.”

Most of the time you will not see anything with your eyes - you will just have a knowing sense that you are not alone, and sometimes it can get very cold. It is a profound experience to be in the company of Holy Angels. And they desire to not only be in your company, but to help you remember what you are called to do, to assist it to come into fruition, to guide you, and protect you. But without your free will participation, nothing can happen. Holy Angels cannot go further than what you or God allow. This is why we are encouraged not to ask the Angels to only watch over us, since this is a place of inactivity that they do anyway, but to help, guide and defend us. Then they can do much. And God allows much. He even sends out his Angels to help humans rearrange and change the world.  TOP

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