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Stigmata Prophecy - Armageddon & World Peace

(As time has gone by, information given during Holy Stigmata has grown to hundreds of pages - this is also the basis of the many articles that Blessed Tiffany Snow has written. This page is dedicated to sharing the information that has been given exactly from the notes that have been written down. Some of this information has already been placed in articles, some has not. The dates of the stigmata that produced the information has been edited out. This is only part of a large body of information, we are working to make it all available here soon. Please read with a prayerful mind and a respectful heart. Please read with the discernment of prayer. Glory be to God who shares such things! - Blessed Tiffany and Father Billy Clark)

HOLY STIGMATA NOTES - given by Holy Spirit through Blessed Tiffany during Holy Stigmata and written down by Father Billy Clark.

"Write this down for these things are faithful and true!
God is a just and merciful God. His wisdom and patience is more than enough. His words are sure to come into being for his word makes it so and has power to move all things, in wave form and particle.
He is God from the smallest to the largest. He is Lord over all.
Not much longer will the injustices be tolerated for the sons of God desire greatly the full sanctification and honor to the name that stands above all others. And so they cry out and are heard. Do you see that His Holy Sons, the Angels and all those whom He has created who know that love stands true and is The Way. Even now thy ask for His long suffering to be over, an end to His patience but it will be when God says it will come. He hears the crying out of earth and Heaven and all creation and the end is soon, though He alone knows the day and the hour all are ready.
It will come without fail for His Word has gone out. It will come like waves upon the sea, like tsunami, and those who run from the wave it will overtake and when those upon the shore look upon the bodies they will say to themselves “it is safe now” and they will go back to their previous way of life, and they will not see that another wave rises upon them to their destruction. So it will be for the sons of man, wave after wave and they will say we are all doomed, there is no hope in the land. And then, they will make their house upon the shore and it is to their own destruction.
The explanation is as follows:
    There will be massive upheavels in commerce and then it will abate, also in govt not only wars between countries but harsh sanctions within govts’ own country and plagues and disease outbreaks that will know no boundries will surge then abate. Each time they will cry out to God to save them and He will show them the way. Each time when they have abandoned their crying out and their prayers destruction will come upon them again for the one who wars against God brings destruction.
    But that one’s power is limited. The heart that is right before God has no color, no nationality, no caste or social standing, it is not rich nor poor, it simply knows love and is known by love and follows the way of Love throughout life and death. There are many, so many precious, worth more than any gold or jewels or any material objects, it doesn’t matter to these anything else except Glorifying Our Holy Father and He counts each one as a friend.
(We were now allowed to ask questions, these are the questions asked and answered:)
1. How can we ease God’s pain?
Pray for His Kingdom to come as it is in the Our Father, on earth as it is in Heaven and ask that His Name may be Glorified so all those will know.
2. How did Christ deal with people when people were difficult or harsh?
Christ knows the heart of mankind is from God. He saw their desires of love, He saw beyond what they knew of themselves for He could see all lives each has had and He is a reflection of His Father
3. How did Christ transform anger?
    By knowing that the time of Righteousness would come in God’s timing.
Do you not see that looking forward to the prize sustains the runner in the race and we run not for a crown of leaves or a medal that tarnishes but for life everlasting, expanding into love, expanding into God!
4. What was Christ’s greatest joy on earth?
    The children
5. Knowing the heart of man
As you have been made aware of as they become aware of turmoil, then they will reach out for salvation, many will only do this after they have been injured because of the manipulation that is upon them and not how they were created.
Each of us have weaknesses, each one of mankind from saint to sinner have weaknesses.  Free will choice is what do they do about it? This is why a person may have a weakness and be fully protected for if they do not succumb to selfish desire or manipulation by unHoly Angels and manipulated sons of man, they will succeed by maintaining their integrity to what they know is right. That is why Blessed Tiffany had a near death experience for in this case death was a weakness which now became a strength, when she gave into it by love!
 Question time ends here and we are told:
It has become weakened, the physical being (Blessed Tiffany) is weakened. The ability to maintain the blessing of grace of sharing (stigmata) is difficult. She desires to speak, to tell of all the things she knows of God. This is to be encouraged consistently. A schedule to produce these works for this weakened state desire for innocence … by physical imperfection. Her desire to be with Father is great. There are those seeking to close the mouth of one who would speak so freely. She is susceptible to this because of her desire to be in spirit. This (death) is not the best choice at this time.
It is a priority to bring through the words of God for Hope, many will fall beside you, many uncomfortable situations may occur in reference to material needs and wants, even now the body is weak and this time of sharing is shortened. (this stigmata now ended)

The Blood of the Christ is always upon her (Blessed Tiffany), the redemption for all sinners, the place of perfect love in the highness of grace.

It is for all just as it is for Blessed Tiffany. That is why we must not be overly concerned whether people understand at this time or not for as you have been told there is a time coming of clarity without affliction. All those who are dead will rise, this is the meaning: they do not know love, darkness has overcome them, they are cut off from the light. Good news has come into the world-Redemption! The Blood of Christ for All Sinners.

Know this - the rate of suicides will grow exceedingly. This is a manipulation of the darkness for as time comes to a close, the stresses are great and each spirit desires to be free from it and one with God. This is not to be a sacrifice of the body but one with God while still in the body-this is Obedience!

The unHoly Angels destroy as much as they can, they cannot destroy the spirit but without the body, the experience of sharing in the shift and awareness is limited. For the Holy Angels are charged with helping the sons of mankind-this is while they are in the body.

Do you see that there is no need to fear, for each is asked to be one with God whether in the body or out, for while in the body is more useful for the agreements of transformation for our world at this time. The calling of the Holy Angels of God.

Do you not see that we are in the warfare and have been. Do you not see how close the time of end is? If not for His Grace, none would survive.

Great surges of energy are being lashed towards crucial junctures of the earth to create structural and environmental disasters, this is to provoke to anger God and the Holy Angels which will never be for though He is saddened, He has the power to bring back what is damaged.

He wishes those who have ears to hear these words:
Keep your life upon the Earth.
Be a witness to the Holy Might of my Hand and the Vindication of my name for the time is soon to come where each man will say “where is the one who curses God? Where is the one who finds joy in bloodshed? Where is the one who loves to destroy?” You will look and there will be none for My Holy Name is a protection. Each of you I know by name. Do not fear for I have saved you and I will save you again.
Visions of an Apocalypse: volcano after volcano erupting, plates shifting, great tsunamis, waves of heat parch the land and the temperature drops so low that nothing can live. Know then there will be trauma for the hearts of those who hear my voice will find peace in the midst of calamity. I will cup my hand around them.
Know that the speeding up of spiritual awareness is an added blessing, an anointing upon this time.
For obedience is protection, those who hear my voice I will call out to them as the arrow leaves the bow for their destruction and they must hear “move this way or move that way” without hesitation and without question and then they will find safe passage.

There is a great mystery being unveiled to you at this time. This will be put into words you can understand:
There is a frequency such as with sound and vibration which I (God) have secured. it is a place for my own and a place where all of you who have purity of heart are connected with me and one another.

Some will hear, others who I have called within themselves as they hear …
And in your love and in the stream of my love. Your thoughts and prayers and calling out for help is felt by one another and by Me.
Do you not see the intimacy that I have created for us?
This is also to touch the heart though your eye may not see other workers in the field you will feel them and know that they are there are you are not alone upon the earth.
Do you not know that the Divine Decrees were also given for the alignment, their frequency is tuned. This is why the necessity for repetition, fine tuning. Sound, pulsing goes out, is emitted, each Decree said, each time you are pulsing to one another and to Me. (example-like a sonar …)…)…)

Our relationship (Blessed Tiffany and I) is going well and we are congratulated. As for physical health, know that what is experienced is 3.1% of what has been sent against. Do not be concerned over injuries or illness for this is a blessing of protection. The illness or injuries are allowed because of questions raised not with the Original issues but about us.
Though the Original Issues are solved, questions have been sent against us, that we only continue because we are so well protected.
For you have both (Blessed Tiffany and Fr. Billy) answered this numerous times even to death of the body so it will be answered again.
Remember you are not given more than what you can bear or what you have asked for!
I embrace the love of your spirit always, whether in the body or out.
(She was shown one of the places where Christ’s Blood was surrendered in the Holy Land, where he first offered the spilling of his blood in surrender to God’s Will. This is sacred ground and will always be.)

The yearning and sadness that Blessed Tiffany feels about her children, communication and interaction, that is how He feels (God) for they worship Him the way they want to worship but not how He wants it - they do not approve of God’s religion. So often they choose isolation and to be in darkness, afraid they will be exposed and that their evil thoughts and deeds will come to light. Do you not know that I also see what you do in the dark and how by your laws and traditions you have raised yourself and your thoughts as a God? Humble yourself and receive the grace and sanctification for the Blood has purified you. Come out of the dark and be afraid no more. For I have always loved you and my religion is that of love.

He said His Son would not have been given the blessing and approval to go if He was angry of the lawlessness and acting of the sons of man, but He loved them on His own-not because God loved them but in their own right and he loved what God had made.

In perfect law - He had all right to destroy what was evil-to protect the blameless, to defend any accusations against untruth. But the Will of the Father was to let this be the time for the prophecy and the promise must be fulfilled for He will bruise you in the heel. The ransom, the giving, the sharing was not because it was earned for mankind chose wickedness and yet God loves and grace that forgiveness are part of that and His Son knows the heart of the Father and succeeded with Grace.

The heart of man
This soul has been….it is not us that prepares, it is us who waters.
The heart of man must recognize a spiritual need, it is not up to us to stimulate that need but help fill it.
This is why as a shaking of the whole earth progresses, more people will seek out and hear the words of the Lord
For the unHoly ones seek to even choke the seeds that are fully rooted. How much easier it is for them to focus on those barely rooted or those that have no root.

God shakes the world, the evil one torments. It is allowed for each to be aware of their spiritual need. This is why you must prepare and build strong His Church now, for many will be flocking to it for shelter and hope in the day of destruction, God’s House will not fail, His Word is His House.
His Word, mountains shook, waters part, all by His Word.

For God knows the heart of man, we are not asked to know it for Him but to help access through ways that modern man can hear and see…
Do you not see that the Son of God didn’t have to speak aloud in the garden or at the waterfront or at Bethany yet He did for others to believe and behold the tangible connection between man and God.
Likewise your desires, passions and all in my prayers (Holy Spirit) are heard by God with words even the ones you have been taught such as The Divine Decrees are placed within your soul but in your case they are still asked to be spoken aloud for the on-lookers, spirit and human.

As for info about Christ:
When He was very young, he would run a lot, there was freedom.
He played with the children.
He spoke to the animals, He would quiet their fears, especially before slaughter, He loved all.
His childhood was a secret time for Him, when there was little pressure from the humans.
He spent much time in connection with the unseen and this was one of the reasons He would run to the secret places to be unobserved, for the spirit world know Him in His entirety, even in a child’s body he did help those who didn’t know they were dead, he did all things though smaller amount that we are asked to do, He did sample all the gifts.

Do you not know that this is why He said “You will do things greater”
It is only because we have a wider scope, for example, He Heals 5000, we may heal 500,000. This is the greater work he spoke about.
It is about unity, division is from the unHoly ones.
Many religions today have pieces of truth and the ones considered the great religions have greater truth and focus not on division religion creates or that Christianity has made but the unity of the One God.
There will be those who say “this you are speaking is not true for we see Buddhist concepts, all religions as eastern” it is culmination of lies for they view only themselves as pure.
Father is taking the truth out of misconceptions, leaving darkness behind. People will recognize parts, and they will slander it and those who uphold it. It will be seen in the tentative one religion itself, we are not to highlight the difference but the unity.
And understanding same fear cross every border, every culture and every language. And the same hopes each one has as well.
This is not about the world’s religions, this is about Universal Faith.
Feed the crying baby, the ones that are sleeping wont eat, ones that are tantruming, having fits, beat everything back, they are not ready, they only see their own anger. Feed the ones crying, looking for prophecy, give them what they want-help environment, give them what they want.
Time of completion is here. Come all you who were created by the hand of Divine Love, for it is a time of completion. The events that were foretold are and are continuing to unfold, and have already in the great question of the issue of sovereignty. You who are Holy and kept yourself clean…rejoice! For the freedom you desire is at hand!

The machinations of the unHoly ones are made manifest as well. And it will spread like a cancer upon the land. Do you not know that all things not created by God must be cut away? For you have brought your own sins upon yourself, in your words and deeds and you damage not only yourself but you manipulate others to follow you.

Now the time is here that which has been looked forward to for so long for even 1 segment in time, even though small is difficult for those who love Him to bear, Glory to God in the Highest for He is Victorious and His Name has been cleared and it will never come up to be questioned again!

This is a knowledge on unHoly side of what the timing would be for evidence to be full so there has been corresponding darkness that has stated during this same time. The Hand of God will take action shortly! The day and the hour know by Him yet the trueness of it is written in the hearts of those who know Him.

Seeing like an indent, they who have chosen love will have the knowledge of the time and the action, passed by God to them.

Blessed Tiffany asked for an illustration here to clarify.
Like if we see something on tv that moves us to pray and everyone who sees that who loves is moved to pray, one stimulus created an entire ripple effect. That God will place it fully within our hearts, very big emotion that we wont know perhaps why, we may not know how many others are moved as well but it will be occurring.

And as we have been shown, those who have entered the deeper relationship will be able to be used more fully.

Have you not seen that The Divine Decrees are a baptism into God, the choice of alignment is a blessing that you give to yourself through my pouring out of it through my hands, come into the anointing! Witness and become part of the wonders of God, the miracles are at hand!

Any who say and give a date are false prophets for God keeps this information to Himself. His desire is that all may turn from their unHoly acts (speaking here of the unHoly Angels as well)

Before Christ, on a battlefield, all will know when He is on the battlefield. All will know, the just and the unHoly. Those that He gives commands and instructions, each is a radio tower that they can receive.
Hear Him more clearly! Why it is important to become brighter to take immediate action.
Do you not understand that The Divine Decrees are an anointing salve that eventhough facets are not complete it is as though they are for a time! Big growth, it fills in the gaps.

Those with unpolished facets do not have this, not the same…fertilizer will take place but there has to be growth of the plant!
This is also why timing of The Divine Decrees is different for different people, the general times given covers the majority of people.

Do you understand that there are those who will continue to ask questions without understanding, for these are of the 1/3 and instruments as before, for they will know this is something important because they are children of God, because they cannot grasp it, empty shell.

It was confirmed that yes the writing that Blessed Tiffany sees on the book that is opened before her during the sharing, The Holy Stigmata is Aramaic.
Don’t give an opportunity to doubt. Have patience!
Remember not to desire the approval of men, it creates anger and resentment as well.

Prophetic words, yet to be or are becoming, deeper is duty of material, when this and that will.

Prophecy is meaningless to the heart that doesn’t understand the mind of God. Why prophecy throughout scriptures have been manipulated, twisting words of truth into falsehood. This will be done with our stuff (Blessed Tiffany and Billy's) as well.
It is to be an example for us to emulate, we do what is asked but that Father will lighten the load for it is not about pouring out, it is like pushing the envelope. This increases brightening faster.
Any accusations that come against us (for there continues to be by the unHoly Angels) these will not effect the sovereignty issues, for this has been solved. We are still asked to be obedient and kind.
The more senses touched, the more Father can communicate with them for they have different gifts, some moved by sight, some by the words, some by the emotion felt around them.
Illustration given:
    Small flocks of sheep, bells on 1 or 2 of the sheep in each flock, each flock has a shepherd, so many flocks, all coming together, a big valley, where the war was, all were fighting, after the battle there is green grass, no place that the sheep cannot go, no need to be afraid, shepherds will gather flocks together.

Many have followed out of a heart of love with little knowledge. The sheep with the bells have knowledge but in each flock there are bells and they help lead the other sheep for they not only hear the shepherd for they hear and follow the tone of the bell of the sheep. The sheep with the bells follow the shepherd closely. Father’s grace, very few have wisdom, yet they received by simply following the sound of Father’s love. These shepherds are Angels sent to gather and protect. They are active now for they protect and shelter these through the war.
He sets them up as heads over the 10’s and 20’s (figurative). They have all been gathered individually, Angels have gathered them on high places and ravines and feed them under broken down shelters-churches.
Many He saves from broken shelters, many are wounded and bloody, when the Angel touches them they become white as snow and healed, this happens in the 4 corners of the earth. So you also see that we (humanity) will never be shepherds but we are sheep with a bell and this is enough.
When they are gathered they are brought to the rest of the flock and gathered around sheep with bells and need to be fed or will wander off looking for food on their own. The sheep with bells must exercise caution to make sure flock is fed, green grass. It is the Angels responsibility to gather, the sheep with bells have the responsibility to feed the sheep.
The feeding is through information, books, speaking, information flowing at all times til this is done. Consistent publications, smaller than whole book, consistent to only a few subjects for we must remember that the majority of sheep can only take the simple things, not by wisdom but by grace. And even in wisdom there is greater grace.
The sheep nibble small bites, the feed must be dispensed one or two, no more than 3 subjects at a time in the publications.

*Important to know*
That the lead sheep are not the ones being followed but that the bell around their neck because of Father and these are willing to carry that.

Big bells, not easy for the sheep, that is why they are chosen with care to be strong first before being given the burden. Yet how much greater then joy will be for the Angel shares a responsibility even with them for the work of the gathering.

This is why during the in-gathering only, many will offer themselves as a sacrifice to the wolves, sparing the rest of the flock, this is why there are 2-3 carrying the bells in each flock. At no time will the innocents be fully destroyed. The bell of Father will continue to ring even through times of sacrifice.

In the new creation the Lord stands on the high ridge overlooking all the flocks and shepherds and a word is given from Father for all to hear. At this the Angels bow to Our Lord and He opens His arms to accept all the lambs and the Angels lift up from the ground and disappear leaving the sheep in the care of the Master. The Angels return to Father for new instruction. This is the in-gathering.

This time of sharing will be another example of Father’s interaction with all. There is a pace, a rhythm, (illustration shared of a person trying to dance in jerky movements) Father is offering slow simple movements, an alignment within their rhythm where they can identify where they are out of step. If they are only looking at themselves they will continue in their awkward way, if they lift their eyes to Father in humility and trust they will learn to dance, simply at first then more intricate, symmetrical and exquisite.

The Sharing (the Holy Stigmata) is a dance. Father picks a partner whose eyes and hearts have been lifted to Him for a long time and He leads them and they learn the steps. Father knows many dances. It is not for mankind to question which dance Father is teaching them but rather to ask themselves, Will they let Him lead?

Yes this Sharing will be over 3 days, it will go longer than 3 days. A humble partner will learn the dance (not only the Holy Stigmata but all those He wishes to teach-they must be humble and let Him lead)

A surrendered partner can be taught many dances, this flexibility trains them so that they are available to be sent to those whom Father chooses, those whose eyes, ears and hearts are lifted to Him.

With this variety, no rhythm will be too far off from any who are out of sync.

You do not know what glories await you. Never has been experienced the fullness of His Light upon the sons of man. Be encouraged for soon the real life begins and there will be no more darkness and no more suffering for injustice will not disease the world. Take courage and have faith for your salvation is at hand, just a little while longer and soon true happiness will fill your every thought and will guide your hand to true and honorable deeds and one will say to the other, have you been hungry today, have you suffered bodily pain, have you been saddened by what you have seen or heard and the resounding answer will be no!

For the Hand of God is upon us and His Kingdom is from shore to shore and Heaven above and Earth below and all creation already created and yet to be created will sing out the fullness of His Name.

Share this information in milk and in meat form. Make it to touch the heart of man to hear God."


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