Divine Guidance thru World Shift
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Tiffany Snow & Billy Clark

                                                     Blessed Tiffany Snow     Fr. Billy blessing his wife Tiffany      Father Billy Clark

                                                 Stigmata-bearer, NDEr, Documented Miracle Healer/ Spiritual Warrior/Priest Demonologist

 “Workers for The Big Guy”

Tiffany Snow had a near-death experience in 1999 by lightning strike, where she met Christ and was given a mission.
The Holy Stigmata started in 2005 and gave her words and visions enough to fill a million books.

(1). Now she heals and miracles happen.
(2). She teaches and the spirit finds peace.

Her mission? "heal my children, help them remember who they are."    

"God goes beyond limitations of man's own creation, ability or thought; which includes bypassing any religious views that promote fear, beyond most metaphysics, and simply straight into Divine Love. That connection is where all the answers are, where all the miracles live, and where you fulfill the craving inside you, by finding that place where you meet God face to face. It is the place where you remember."- Blessed Tiffany

Tiffany Snow is often considered a modern mystic for the 21st century. Hers is the ability to help manifest miracles beyond space and time, shifting people’s ordinary lives to extraordinary ones - including incredible physical healings and sharing inspired information. Because she has already seen and experienced the unbelievable, it is now part of her undeniable reality - that supernatural miracles really do happen, and her faith is complete. She emphasizes that God is the healer and teacher, not her. She seeks no glory. She also reminds that many more people will be given Gifts of the Spirit during this process of world shift, and to not be afraid.

"God has always given signs and wonders throughout time, in every part of the world. Now things are speeding up - and as the darkness gets darker, the light will get lighter, and Love will win the day. Miracles, Healing, prophecy, stigmata, resurrection, bilocation, deliverance, etc.; there is no limit to what God wishes to do through those who desire to make his will their own. The Bible says "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people..." (Acts 2:17) That time is now." - Blessed Tiffany


Tiffany Snow bears the scars of the Holy Stigmata and is a documented miracle healer and gifted spiritual teacher. She simply calls herself, “A worker for The Big Guy.” A lightning strike and near-death experience began her spiritual journey, empirical experiences continue to expand it.
  • STIGMATA: Blessed Tiffany has exhibited all 5 Wounds of Christ (both hands, feet, gash in side), including open whip marks on her back and thorn marks on her forehead from the sufferings experienced at the Passion. The wounds opened spontaneously for 3-9 days at a time every month or so, from 2005 through 2009. Due to the mass of inspired information given at these times, it will take years for all of it to be written down. Though still bearing the scars, the blessed occurrences were ended the same way they started - by God's grace, since Blessed Tiffany would come close to dying many times. With each experience the longing to be out of the body and to be only with Father became overwhelming, making it more and more difficult to stay in the body and complete the earthly mission she was given. God told her "though this will pass away, I am with you always..." True to his word, daily she continues to hear him clearly and in full strength use the Divine gifts she has been blessed with, to the delight of all who weren't ready for her to go.
  • GIFT OF MIRACLES: Blessed Tiffany has been utilized by Father to heal thousands of people with physical healing. Emotional and spiritual peace and tranquility often occur as well. This gift has been documented through recordings of her voice in prayer, radio and TV interviews, group gatherings, personal touch, by silently asking for her intercession of prayer, and through appointments kept for distant healings at mutual times.
  • BILOCATION: Blessed Tiffany has often been seen in two places at once (bilocation), a gift of physical encouragement to those who need to hear or see a touchstone of God's love during times of distress; whether it is on the other side of the world or in a local emergency room. Most of the time she is aware of this when it occurs. "It can happen night or day, it seems like I fall into a dreamstate, but then we get the emails and phone calls and I know it was real, and, well, I've noticed this corresponds to my skin getting really wrinkled with some kind of gel on it...sorta weird, but I am glad to be useful in any way I can for God. There have been some amazing experiences." (For more information see a chapter on this in: "Forward From the Mind")
  • DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS: Blessed Tiffany has the ability to see the other side, and to know what she is seeing; such as Holy Angels, spirits, ghosts, manipulated ghosts or unHoly Angels and demons. And she has the discernment to know what to do about it, and to help those on this side and on that side, if it is what Father requests. This is not her primary role, since many are called to this kind of work. For ending hauntings and demon activity, her husband Father Billy Clark (Old Holy Catholic Church) specializes in prayers for casting out and protection including making sacred, blessed areas.
  • WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE AND PROPHECY: Blessed Tiffany has received much Divine information and insight during her experiences of Stigmata and her near-death experience. Besides those occasions, Blessed Tiffany shares a constant communication so dear with God that often, if only the question is asked, an answer is given. "I keep one ear to the heavens, the other to the earth - I must live my life in an undertone of prayer. God takes every opportunity to answer questions, and he wishes each of us to be the mystic, to hear him clearly and to know his guidance, protection and love, because we were built that way. But until a person remembers to tune into that news channel he broadcasts from, we can learn from others who do."

Father Billy Clark (

Father Billy Clark specializes in spiritual warfare and helping free people from anything unHoly in their lives.
This includes identifying the need for offering prayers for deliverance, de-hauntings and breaking the hold of generational bondage through family lines.

Also, within this specialized calling of Father Billy, much time and effort is given to physically blessing hundreds of churches, and making sacred ground and doing land blessings. His work also includes cleansing hundreds of graveyards of ghost, manipulated ghost and demonic hauntings. Father Billy also contacts local church pastors and paranormal societies to offer his services of deliverance, exorcism, cleansing and de-haunting of homes, since a priest called to demonic warfare is often difficult to find.

Father Billy's calling also means teaching "Becoming the Mystic - The Power to Transform All Things" classes on developing Divine awareness and abilities with discernment and a deep spiritual connection with God, ourselves and our families. It means sharing and teaching others to do what Blessed Tiffany and himself have been taught about powerful transformation and prayer during this time of world shift, especially through The Divine Decrees.

Fr. Billy also makes himself available one day a week for phone appointments where he confidentially helps individuals worldwide with the specialty prayers of deliverance and breaking generational bondag; identifies haunting situations, and encourages, teaches and guides in numerous other spiritual and personal matters. He also takes care of any media requests for Blessed Tiffany and coordinates various healing and teaching events.

"Father Billy and I have known each other since 2003, and we took our vows of marriage in June 2006 (a priest can marry and have children in the O.H.C.C.).  From the very beginning I have been impressed by his kindness, depth of spirituality, wisdom and sense of humor. He is a true warrior-priest; he protects and  teaches the deeper things of our own spirit and God's Spirit. He has been a consistent witness of my Holy Stigmata and his has been the flawless pen that has  written down the guidance and prophetic information Father has brought through those times. His is the commission to expand the Divine Decrees throughout the world and to help each person discern and remove all blocks to attaining their God-given true potential. His prayers are heard by Father and have power. Besides this, he has the responsibilities of being a husband and purchasing groceries and taking out the trash. I'm impressed!" - Blessed Tiffany

"I have been working with the power of prayer in healing, counseling and deliverance for many years. I am also a priest in the Old Holy Catholic Church. I also have a B.A. in Psychology from Villanova University. Each and every moment we can actively choose to be fully protected and guided directly by God - right here and right now! There is power and protection given through prayer, and the Divine Decrees (the prayers given by God through Holy Stigmata) are fantastic. So many people are being beat up over and over again, and they don't need to be. I am here to help you gain freedom from oppression and to help you be a warrior in your own life. I can help you build that clear communication in realistic and useful ways, and to help you remember how personally powerful you are as a child of God and the Love written upon your heart, and help, in many ways, to get rid of anything that is encroaching upon that." - Father Billy Clark

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love." 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (New International Version)


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